Speaking of reviews: an absolute must is the one from James Goddard!!

Twirly Thoughts

The Nephew

I watched a broadcasting about psychiatry in Belgium on Canvas television. The history and treatments in the past were the focus, a probing documentary.

Little An

China: The Forbidden City and the immense square in front of the imperial throne, where the weed is scratched off between the stones. The history that took place on that square was written in these stones and cannot be weeded.

Willem at the “We-have-it-all” shop

Already in 1999, I had something with windows. Aactually, it was long before that. My photos of people in their own homes and interiors come from that interest.

A sweet box for photographers

The popular districts of Antwerp

Delightful strolls through the popular districts of Antwerp where I took this photo years back.




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