Piet and his dog


Sometimes I´m asked how I find all those people that I have taken portraits of.
The answer is always: I simply ask them … I also asked Piet … Piet and his dog.

I got to know Piet, when he became a regular customer in my father’s butchery, where I worked. Piet was dedicated to beer and liked a meatball to go along with it. One thing lead to another and Piet became a good customer.
In those days it was custom that good clients had their orders delivered at their homes, so I met Piet´s dog too. Piet and his dog, they could have been twin brothers (as far as I was concerned) they looked alike.
Somehow we got along real well, so I told him about my hobby and asked him to pose for me. He had no problem with posing, nor did his dog … The week after, when I made the deliveries for the butchery, I also brought my camera, a Mamiya C330 and 135 mm, Ilford FP4 film.

The photo was taken in the garden, a black cloth over the fence, Piet next to the garden table and the dog on top of it.
I took my time to adjust the camera, asked Piet to look into the lens and there it was. (Ten minutes in total)

It has been a while since, and it became a classic one, if I may say so.
That´s what it is all about, nice memories and meeting people …