About Me

I am Willem Wernsen (1954, Amersfoort, The Netherlands). I am autodidact. I have developed myself from amateur to professional photographer. My work is mainly social documentary, many portraits and street photography.

Some 40 years ago I bought my first camera. Photography started as a hobby, but it has grown into a passionate life style.

From start I felt the need to photograph people. Of course in black and white, because I love that the most. In that time I collected books of the great photographers. Many hours I have spent looking at all that beautiful photos, it gave me so much inspiration.

Through the years I have developed myself and - as the connoisseurs say - also my own style of photography. I'm a member of the Dutch organisation for professional photographers: Dutch Photographers

I have published 5 books:
* Beautiful People (2003, sold out)
* Timeless (2011, sold out)
* Behind the Great Wall (2014)
* On Street Photography (2015 - E-Book Craft&Vision, Canada)
* Streetwise (2019 i.c.w. Piet Van den Eynde)



For specific questions about purchasing books and photos, attending a workshop or giving a lecture, I kindly ask you to contact me using the form below.

In order to answer your email as well and as quickly as possible, I ask you to state all the details that are important to you.

Thank you for your interest,

Willem Wernsen.
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In memoriam Margareth, 1957 - 2009



During a great marriage of over 30 years in which there had been room to develop my passion for photography, Margareth has always been my first sounding board to show my most recent work to.
She had a knack of pinpointing deficiencies, if any. Margareth passed away on February 7, 2009.

My second book Timeless is dedicated to Margareth, because she was always truly interested in people. She always encouraged and supported me in my photography and the realisation of my books Beautiful People and Timeless.


Willem Wernsen