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Hello Jinan 'Shandong Art Museum'  We  are back in August 2017.  

China. Shandong. Jinan. 荷兰摄影师穿越时空的中国印象 

English translation of the article in China by Dadi.

A Dutch photographer’s Chinese impression across time and space


by Dadi

Made in Arles Frane.




Brussels Summer 2017.



 By St'Jacobs



Fotofestival Naarden 2011



The art of photography is to leave things out. But as a photographer, you can’t leave yourself out of the picture entirely – in the figurative sense, of course. There are many possibilities to share your work with others through the Internet, for example via social media or websites about photography.

An own website to present my work, to keep visitors up to date with the latest news about my photography and to inform photography lovers about news regarding our common passion in general – that is in my opinion the perfect medium to share my art and my love for photography with the world.